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CNC Pendant Controller

MO-CON501 CNC pendant controller

Why permanently connect your PC to your CNC machine when you can use our NEW Pendant CNC Controller?

The MO-CON501 CNC Pendant Controller with built-in DSP (digital signal processor) reads G-code or PLT programs (text file) from a USB memory stick or its internal memory. The controller then converts it into an output signal to the motor drives. It also provides digital outputs to control a spindle motor (up to 16 speeds).

The MO-CON501 also accepts inputs from up to 3 limit switches and can supply power to 3 proximity sensors. It also has an input to allow automatic setting of the Z-axis (after tool changes).

Our NEW MO-CON501 CNC Pendant Controller Kit includes:

  • 1pc MO-CON501 Pendant Controller
  • 1pc Connecting Board
  • 1pc SCSI cable
  • 1pc USB cable
  • 1pc 1GB memory stick

Main features

  • All of the parameters are easy to set and backup to a PC
  • Easy problem solving due to "On screen help function"
  • Remember size of table (no need for 2 limit switches on each axis)
  • Move manually in any direction at any speed
  • Move to a specified position e.g. X + 20.37
  • Move in user defined steps e.g. 0.1 at a time
  • Remember up to 10 origin points
  • Run CNC programs from a memory stick or internal memory
  • Resume program from power cut or broken tool
  • Check CNC program before running and report errors
  • Run from any line in a CNC program to any line
  • Run a CNC program in an array e.g. 3 times 100 mm apart
  • Set speeds and feeds at start and change on the fly
  • Turn spindle on and off automatically when program starts and finishes
  • Control speed of spindle e.g. 6000rpm to 24000 in 3000 increments
  • Automatically compensate for back lash if ball screw is worn e.g. 0.005 in X
  • Machine a user defined area without a program e.g. 25mm by 80mm 2mm deep in 0.5 cuts

All manuals, wiring diagrams, videos, and windows transfer software for the MO-CON501 CNC Pendant Controller Kit are supplied on the Memory Stick.

Online technical support and remote desktop assistance are available. Please contact us for more details.

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