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BSD810A Digital Brushed Servo Driver

BSD810A Digital Brushed Servo Driver.
BSD810A Digital Brushed Servo Driver

The BSD810A is a digital brushed servo driver suitable for a wide range of servo applications like CNC, X-Y tables, labeling and process machines. The BSD810A is most suited to be used with soft CNC programs like Mach 3 because the BSD810A accepts clock and direction just like a stepper driver.

In position control, it’s easy for the end user to change from a stepper driver to the BSD810A without changing their control system, because the input commands from the BSD810A are PUL/DIR signals.

In velocity control, the position feedback of the encoder can effectively eliminate the “zero-speed drift” phenomenon that is common with analogue driver when the driver has zero speed reference.


  • 18-80VDC, 0-20A, 20-400W
  • PID feedback servo drive
  • Feedback resolution X4 encoder line count
  • Lock range +/- 128 count following error
  • Opto-isolated step and direction inputs (Differential or Single ended)
  • Accepts Single ended or Differential Encoder (Differential is suggested)
  • Small size
  • Over-current and short-circuit protection
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