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Everest XCR Digital Servo Drive

Everest XCR Digital Servo Drive
Everest XCR is an ultra-compact, super smart, high-powered servo drive launched recently for the industry. Thanks to its small size and rugged design it can be mounted virtually anywhere: collaborative robot joints, wearable robots, unmanned ground or aerial vehicles as well as inside motors.

Everest XCR drive is built on a shielded body construction which provides best-in-class heat dissipation and ultra-low radiated emissions and is packed with a whole lot of features for the most demanding applications. Everest XCR also features the most advanced transistor technology in the world with the highest power density and efficiency while keeping negligible EMI and providing linear amplifier performance.

Everest XCR Servo Drive Features

  • Small size: 29 x 42 x 22mm
  • Current: up to 60 A
  • Supply Voltage: up to 85VDC
  • Communications: CANopen, EtherCAT
  • Feedback: Digital Encoder/ Hall; Analogue Hall, Analogue SinCosine, resolver
  • Motion Mode: torque control, velocity control and position control
  • Motor Type: DC brushed motors, DC brushless motors, Linear brushless motors, Voice coils
  • Enviroment: Industrial, Low Temperature
  • Digital Inputs: 4
  • Digital Outputs: 2
Datasheet DownloadDownload Datasheet: Everest XCR Digital Servo Drive