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MCB Net Servo Drive

The Micro B Net amplifier, is a really compact stand alone four quadrant converter with sinusoidal wave suitable for driving AC Brushless Servomotors
The Micro B Net amplifier

MICRO B NET is a super compact four quadrant digital brushless servo drive with 100-230 Vac power supply. This standalone full digital servo drive with sinusoidal wave suitable for driving AC brushless servo motors including the SUPER SAX range up to 7.5Nm with encoder or resolver feedback.

The unit comes complete with its own internal power supply with EMC line filter, dumping circuit and detachable plug-in terminals for easy installation. The power stage is made by power Mos-fet or Igbt.

The available operating modes include:

  • Analogue speed (differential): ±10 VDC (15 bit resolution)
  • Pulse/direction (for stepper motor control)
  • Torque control
  • Position control
  • Encoder follower

Typical applications include Conveyors, Medical equipment, Textile equipment, packaging machinery, X-Y Stages, automated assembly machinery, robotics and component insertion machines etc.

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