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MCB Plus Servo Drive

The Micro B Plus Servodrives have been designed as ultra compact modules, ideal solution for incremental motion control.

MCRIO B Plus is a range of panel-mounted analogue servo drives ideal for driving DC brushless motors range up to 8Nm. Its power supply covers from 140 to 200 VDC with output current up to 20A and peak current up to 40A.

MicroB Plus series are cost-effective servo drives with trapezoidal wave. Designed as ultra compact modules, they are suitable for all industrial automation requirements and are the ideal solution for incremental motion control, velocity loop and positioning systems which require fast response, high torque at low speed and high reliability.

The MicroBPlus® can be used with encoder, resolver, PWM+Direction, pulse+Direction (like steppers).

Mcrio B Plus Servo Drive Features

  • Three phase trapezoidal brushless, four quadrant operation
  • Highly efficient and reliable POWER MOSFET output stage
  • Single DC power supply
  • Four velocity feedback modes:
    • Hall Feedback
    • Armature Feedback
    • Encoder Feedback + Hall Signals
    • PWM+DIR Feedback
  • Five LEDS (Red/Green) indicating operating status
  • Fully protected against:
    • External short circuit (motor polarity)
    • Over / under voltage (supply)
    • Over-temperature, Hall Signal absence
  • Wide load inductance range (0.2 - 30mH)
  • 120 degrees commutation phase setting
  • Four adjusting potentiometers
  • Extractable screw terminals (for signals only)
  • Positive / Negative Limit Switches
  • Enable input available with both positive/negative logical levels
  • approval - FILE E211869 (see specific technical manual for details)

Typical applications are: Conveyors, Medical, Textile Equipment, Packaging Machinery , X-Y Stages, Automated Assembly Machinery, Robotics and Component Insertion Machines.

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