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Microspeed MCS Analogue Servo Drive

The MicroSpeed range are Very compact servo amplifier for DC servomotors.

MICROSPEED is a range of panel-mounted analogue servo drives ideal for driving DC brushed motors range up to 2.7Nm. Its power supply covers from 24 to 110 VDC with output current up to 10A and peak current up to 20A. There are many different velocity modes: tachogenerator, feedback, armature feedback, encoder feedback, torque mode and PWM+DIR.

The MICROSPEED® DC servo drives are ultra compact modules, ideal solution for incremental motion control, velocity loop and positioning systems which require fast response, high torque at low speed, smooth speed control and high reliability.

MCS Servo Drive main Features:

  • Ultra compact design
  • Extremely favorable cost to performance ratio
  • Extremely suitable for personalisation
  • Extremely simple installation and use
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Motor driving range from 0.045Nm to 2.7Nm (6.4 - 386 oz.-in.)
  • Single DC power supply
  • Armature feedback / Tachogenerator feedback / Torque mode

The typical applications are: Robotics, X-Y Tables, Medical Equipment, Textile Equipment, Conveyors, Graphic Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Positioners, Converting Machinery and Feeders.

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