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Digital DC Servo Drives: Goldline & SimplIQ

Elmo's Gold-line Digital Servo Drives
Gold DC Whistle

Gold Duo

Gold Trombone
Gold Bell
Gold DC Bell
Gold Drum HV
Supply voltage (VDC)
12 - 95
14 - 195
50 - 750
11 - 95
11 - 390
50 - 750
Continuous output current (A)
2.5 - 20
3 - 45
8 - 12
18 - 90
35 - 100
Output power range (kW)
0.4 - 1.6
0.5 - 4.9
4.2 - 7
2.7 - 9.6
32 - 42
Safety inputs (STO)
Digintal in/ Digital out/ Analogue in
Motor DC brushed motors, DC brushless motors (Sinusoidal motors, Trapezoidal)
Operating mode Current, Velocity, Position & Advanced Position
Commands Analogue, Pulse and Direction, PWM, Software Commands
Feedbacks Incremental Encoder, Resolver, Digital Halls, Analogue 1V ptp (Sin/ Cos), Analogue Halls, Absolute Serial Encoders (EnDAT 2.2 /Biss/SSI /Panasonic/ Mitutoyo/ Tamagawa/ Kawasaki (Sanyo-Denki) / Gurley - Virtual Absolute), Tachometer, Potentiometer
Communications EtherCAT: CoE/ FoE/ EoE, distributed clock; CANopen: DS-301, DS-305 and DS-402; USB, RS-232
Programming SimplIQ Programming
Software Elmo Application Studio (EAS)
Programme memory 32KB

Gold Twitter Servo Drive
Gold Twitter - Tiny Yet Mighty DC Digital Servo Drive
0.3 ~ 4.0 KW

The Gold Twitter is an ultralight intelligent digital servo drive providing high power density of over 4000 of "Qualitative" watts with ultra high current - 50A / 100V. It only weighs 18-22 grams (less than 1 ounce) but has wide operating voltage from 60VDC - 200VDC and supports advanced networking by EtherCAT Or CANOpen.

Tweeter - Miniature DC-Powered Digital Servo Drive
0.16 ~ 0.2 KW

The Tweeter is a series of ultralight intelligent digital servo drives for DC brush and brushless motors, linear motors and voice coils. Despite weighing only 0.95 oz (27 g), the Tweeter can support up to 3.3 amps continuous current. Its high density allows the drive to deliver a peak of 400 W of power and 200 W of continuous power.

Trio Whistle
Trio Whistle
0.05 ~ 1.60 KW

Incredibly compact and smart digital servo drive for DC brush and brushless motors, linear motors and voice coils. The Whistle weighs only 50 grams and is the size of a match-box (55 X 46.5 X 15mm). Despite its size it can deliver 500W of continuous power or 1000W of peak power.

Solo Guitar
Solo Guitar - High power and superior intelligence in a small package
0.48 ~ 4.8KW

The Solo Guitar is an integrated solution designed to simply and efficiently connect Elmo's Guitar servo drive directly to an application. The solution consists of the Guitar together with a convenient connection interface that either reduces or eliminates development time and resources when designing the PCB board for an application.

Harmonica Digital Servo Drive
Harmonica Digital Servo Drive
0.20 ~ 1.10 KW

Harmonica digital Servo Drive Exceptionally compact and smart digital servo drive for DC brush, DC brushless and linear motors (operates on DC power). The Harmonica series of servo drives brings higher dynamics and increased precision to a wide range of automated applications.

BSD810A Digital Brushed Servo Driver
BSD810A Digital Brushed Servo Driver

The BSD810A is a digital brushed servo driver suitable for a wide range of servo applications like CNC, X-Y tables, labeling and process machines. The BSD810A is most suited to be used with soft CNC programs like Mach 3 because the BSD810A accepts clock and direction just like a stepper driver.