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HMI & PLC Controllers - MCP-XC5-32T-E

Motion Control Products introduce our first totally dedicated PLC Module

This is a fully featured Motion Control PLC dedicated to driving a range of drives, the module features 4 channel pulse outputs for stepper or servo motor drivers up to 400kHz. So the unit complements our extensive range of stepper, brushed and brushless servo drives.

The products are very cost effective and includes free programming software.

Our new HMI and PLC's also have a host of options, so we can also supply a particular product from our range to suit your motion control application needs.

You also have the option to use Motion Control Products programming service, online technical support and remote desktop assistance which is available to you. Please contact our sales department for more details.

  • 18 digital Inputs, 14 digital outputs
  • 3 high-speed 32 bit counter inputs (2-phase) up to 200kHz
  • 4 pulse outputs for stepper or servo motor control up to 400kHz
  • Fast interrupt
  • Floating Point Math
  • Dimensions 193mm x 102mm x 74mm
  • 85V AC to 260V AC with a 24VDC output
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Main Unit Types MCP-XC5-32T-E
Program's Execute Format Loop scan format, time scan format
Program Format Use both instruction list and ladder
Speed 0.5µs
Memory Flash ROM
Program Capacity 30,000 steps
Max I/O of Main Unit Input 18 points

Output 14 points
System Maximum I/O Points 1024 points
Interior Coil Points (M) 8000 points (M0~M7999)
Timer Points 620 points (T0~T619)
Spec. 100ms timer: set time 0.1~3276.7s (T0~T99), with memory (T100~T199) 10ms timer: set time 0.01~327.67s (T200~T299), with memory (T300~T399) 1ms timer: set time 0.001~327.67s (T400~T499), with memory (T500~T599) precise time: (T600~T619)
Counter Points 634 points (C0~C633)
Spec. 16 bits register: the set value: -32768~32767 (C0~C299)

32 bits counter: the set value: -2147483648~2147483647 (C300~C599)
Data Register (D) 8000 words (D0~D7999)
Special Coil (M) 512 points (M8000~M8511)
Special Register (D) 512 words (D8000~D8511)
High-Speed Count Format/external Interrupt Three types of high speed count format (single phase, double phases, AB phase), 2 types external interruption (Rising edge, falling edge)
Time Scan Settings 0-99mS
Calendar Clock Year/month/date/hour/minute/second/week
High Speed Count/interrupt Max 6 routes 200K/24 segments
Password Protection 6 bits length ASCII
Self-diagnose Function Power-on self check, monitor timer, grammar check
General Spec. Type True colour TFT or green/blue LCD
Lifetime Up to 50000 hours, ambient temperature 25°C, 24 hours working
Display Area N/A
Brightness N/A
Character Setting English
Character's Size Various
Button Number N/A
Memory Screen N/A
Interface Download Port RS232/RS485
Electric Spec. Input Voltage 24V DC
Voltage Range 20V DC ~28V DC
Current Consumption <200mA
Power Drop Below 10ms (the actual power drop is less than 1 sec.)
Anti-voltage Impulse Up to AC1000V, 29mA, less than 1 min.
Insulation Resistance Up to 10M, DC500V
Environment Working Temperature 0°C~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Humidity 10%RH - 90%RH (No dew)
Noise Interfere voltage: 1500Vp-p, pulse cycle: 1µs, Retentive time: 1 minute
Atmosphere No condensation
Structure Cooling Method Ambient air cooling

Technical Specifications

Insulation Voltage DC500V, up to 2M? Ambient Temperature 0°C ~ 60°C
Anti-noise 1000V 1µs pulse Ambient Humidity 5~95%
Long-distance Port CAN bus Installation Terminal screws or flying leads
COM1 RS -232C , connects with host machine, HMI program or debug
COM2 RS-485, connect with network or intelligent instruments, inverters etc.
COM3 BD expansion, RS-485
Grounding Star point earth