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Brushed DC Servo Motors

Brushed DC Servo Motors
BDS Series (100W ~ 960W)

The BDS ranges of brushed DC Servomotors provide a high-torque-to-inertia ratio, giving fast acceleration and rapid dynamic response. Their design features and construction contribute to smooth-running performance and extended service life. They are suitable for most servo and variable speed applications and are compatible with most available drives on the market.

It can be further customised with encoders and / or tachgenerators to provide position and direction feedback. Customised flanges, output shafts and wiring leads length may be available on request.

These BDS series brushed DC servo motors are ideally suited for heavy-duty power applications with their capability to achieve continuous torque in a compact size. Their design features and construction contribute to smooth performance and extended service life, these motors can perform reliably for applications in a wide range of industries, including medical/biotech, semiconductor, processing, machine tools, CMM machines, robotics & automation and more.

  • Frame size: 58mm, 82mm & 102mm
  • Power range: 100W ~ 960W
  • Continuous stall torque: 0.5Nm (4.4 lb-in) ~ 4.5Nm (39.8 lb-in)
  • Optional Tachogenerator and / or Encoder to provide speed and position feedback
  • Optional holding brake
  • Customised design on output shafts, flanges and wiring connections

The range can also be supplied with MCP's extensive portfolio of gearboxes, with speed, voltages, current and torque characteristics that can be tailored to meet our customers exact application requirements.

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