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Lexium Integrated Drive with Brushless Motor & Electronics

Lexium Integrated Drive with Brushless Motor & Electronics

LexiumTM integrated drives ILA/ILE/ILS series comprise the brushless motor, positioning controller, power electronics, fieldbus and "Safe-Torque-Off" safety function in an extremely compact single device. Lexium integrated drives are available with multiple motor technologies- Servo, Brushless motor DC and Stepper. Each motor technology offers a wide range of applications for decentralised motion solutions in machine building. Depending on the technology used, they can thus meet requirements for dynamic performance, flexibility or precision in motion control applications.

When combined with a Schneider Electric Lexium Controller or a PLC, Lexium integrated drives ILA/ILE/ILS can be used to create complex control system architectures simply and at minimum cost. Read-to-use function blocks are available for programming movements with Schneider Electric or third-party motion controllers such as Rockwell, Beckhoff, BNR and Siemens.


Lexium integrated drives are suitable for the most common applications, including:
  • Printing, packaging
  • Handling, labeling
  • Medical technology
  • Textile industry
  • Electronics manufacture


Lexium Integrated Drive ILA

  • With AC synchronous servo motor (motor frame size 57mm)
  • Superior dynamics and high torque
  • Closed-loop drive system with high-resolution encoder (Single-turn or multi-turn)
  • Input voltage: 24-48VDC, with or without holding brake

Lexium Integrated Drive ILE

  • With brushless DC motor (motor frame size 66mm)
  • High detent torque
  • Absolute position feedback
  • Input voltage: 24-48VDC
  • With or without gearbox option (planetary or worm types)

Compact design

  • Everything integrated in a single device
  • 40% decrease in wiring
  • 50% of space reduction in the control cabinet

Open communication

  • All important fieldbus interfaces are available (CANopen, DeviceNet, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, ModbusTCP)

Integrated safety

  • "Safe Torque Off" functionality prevents unintended machine starts as per IEC/EN 61800-5-2 for operator safety, without external power protection devices.

Easy installation and commissioning

  • 25% reduction in installation time with Lexium Commissioning tool- Lexium CT PC software
  • Two different connection technologies: printed circuit board (PCB) or industrial connectors

Technical Datatable

Motor frame size 57mm 57mm
Supply voltage 24 – 36VDC 24 – 48VDC
Rated speed (rpm) 2600-7500 3000-7000
Peak stall torque 0.43-0.72Nm 0.45-1.62Nm
Continuous stall torque 0.26-0.45Nm 0.31-0.78Nm
Communication interface CANopen; PROFIBUS DP, RS485 DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP; Modbus TCP, Ethernet POWERLINK
Other options Singleturn / multiturn encoders, holding brake Singleturn or multiturn encoders, holding brake

Motor frame size 66mm 66mm
Supply voltage 24-36VDC 24-48VDC
Rated current 4.7-5.1A 3.8-9.8A
Rated speed (rpm) 4000-4800 3100-6000
Rated torque 0.175-0.24Nm 0.26-0.5Nm
Max. torque 0.26-0.36Nm 0.43-0.8Nm
Detent torque (@ 0 current) 0.1-0.06Nm 0.08-0.106Nm
Communication interface CANopen; PROFIBUS DP, RS485 DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP; Modbus TCP, Ethernet POWERLINK
Other options Straight-tooth gearbox or tapered worm gearbox Straight-tooth gearbox or tapered worm gearbox

For full technical information of Lexium ILA/ILE intergrated drives, please download the datasheet below.

ACCESSORIES For Lexium Integrated Drives ILA/ILE/ILS

You can also find the information from the datasheet on the accessories or the parts needed to go with Lexium Integrated Drives ILA/ILE/ILS, such as IP sealing plate, cables & connectors and cord-sets for different interface etc.

Datasheet DownloadDownload Datasheet