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AVA Series: Flat Voice Coil Actuators

AVA voice coil actuators

AVA voice coil actuators are rectangular flat voice coil actuators. The motors are similar to the AVM series of voice coil actuators, except that they have a lower profile in the Z direction. These are suitable for design in linear stage applications where space constraint is a consideration.

Main features:

  • Direct drive actuators with only two terminals
  • 3 models available (AVA1,2,3) with stroke of 20 mm
  • Continuous Force range between 2.7N to 17.9N
  • Low profile; suitable for designs into linear stages
  • Zero backlash, zero hysteresis and zero cogging
  • Low coil mass with very fast response and high bandwidth
  • No contact between coil and core movement (no wear and tear)
  • Smooth motion at low speeds with limitless resolution (depends on feedback device)

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