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Schneider Lexium32i Integrated Servomotor with Modular Design

Lexium32i Integrated Servomotor with Modular Design

LexiumTM32i servomotor with integrated electronics combines the simplicity of the Lexium32 drive and the powerful Lexium BMI motor in one single unit. With a unique modular concept, Lexium32i integrated servomotor combine of four components:

  • BMI motor with power stage
  • Lexium32 drive control unit
  • power supply connector module and
  • I/O and fieldbus connector module

By using the online-configurator (SoMove software), it is easy to select the four catalogued components which will make the user's Lexium 32i dedicated to their applications and these four components are also easy to assemble- simply click on each component and attach in less than 3 minutes. This reduces assembly time with simplified wiring and easy cabling and improve energy efficiency. All the settings can be stored on the optional handset device called Multi-loader or memory card and just simply insert the card to reload all parameters in the device.

Lexium32i integrated servomotor with modular design is available in two motor frame sizes: 70mm (1-phase) and 100mm (3-phase) with the power range from 0.4 kW to 2.2 kW. Its interfaces support some popular functions such as Modbus serial link, CANopen, CANmotion and EtherCAT. It has the operating modes like Homing, Manual mode (JOG), Speed control, Current control and Position control to meet different application needs in the speeds and controls requirement.

Unlike traditional servo drives that are installed in a cabinet, the Lexium32i is installed directly on the machine to help the users reduce cabinet space by up to 60%. It also reduces total cost of ownership by up to 30%, due to less cabinet cooling, no need for motor cables or cabinet space for the drive. Lexium32i brushless servo motor with integrated electronics is ideal and innovative product for the OEMs and machine builders in the applications of packaging, printing, material handling, pick and place, food processing and more.

No two applications are the same. The flexible mounting options of the Lexium 32i integrated servomotor make it easy to assemble the unit in a way that suits your particular application.


Available in two flange sizes

  • 70 / 100 mm

AC mains supply

  • 1-phase, 110/120 VAC, 0.4 kW - 0.75 kW, 2.2Nm-5.4Nm, up to 1700rpm
  • 1-phase, 200/240 VAC, 0.7 kW - 1.3 kW, 1.7Nm-4.4Nm, up to 4000rpm
  • 3-phase, 208/480 VAC, 0.4 kW - 2.1 kW, 2Nm - 7.2Nm, up to 4700rpm

Highly flexible thanks to the modular concept

  • 2 drive control units
  • 224 motors with power stage
  • 21 connector modules

Interfaces Modbus serial link; CANopen, CANmotion, EtherCAT

Operating modes Homing, Manual mode (JOG), Speed control, Current control, Position control


The Lexium 32i integrated drive incorporates functions that are suitable for the most common applications, including:

  • printing - cutting, position-controlled machinery, etc.
  • packing and wrapping - cutting to length, rotary knife, bottling, capsuling,labeling, etc.
  • textiles - winding, spinning, weaving, embroidery, etc.
  • material handling - conveying, palletizing, warehousing, pick-and-place, etc.
  • transfer machines - gantries, hoists, etc.
  • clamping
  • flying shear operations - cutting, printing, marking, etc.
  • materials processing, etc.

For full technical information of Lexium32i intergrated servomotors, please download the datasheet below.

Datasheet DownloadDownload Datasheet

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