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MCP Brushless DC Motor With Integrated Drive

MCP Brushless DC Motor With Integrated Drive
MCP integrated brushless dc motors combine a brushless dc motor and integrated electronic drive offering long, service-free life and simplicity of operation.

NEMA motor sizes 17 and 23 are included and built-in functionality includes additional inputs for direction of rotation, speed control loop using 0-5vdc along with a TTL-compatible tacho output signal and +5vdc voltage output signal.

The integral speed loop offers customers the possibility to ensure virtually constant motor speed irrespective of load torque variation which can prove critical in such applications as peristaltic, diaphragm, piston and magnetic gear pumps where constant or controlled fluid flow is of great importance. Other useful application areas can be medical and laboratory automation equipment, general automation, robotics and others requiring an economic but performant motor/drive solution.