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ICR SmartActuator® simplifies product changeovers from pneumatic to electric on powder-filling packaging machine

Customer Challenge

By replacing a pneumatic actuator, a powder-filling packaging machine manufacturer wants to achieve precise control over critical container-lifting sequence and simplify a complicated product changeover process.

The Solution

Programmable rod-style ICR Plus SmartActuator® with integrated servo motor/controller in a reverse-parallel mounting configuration. It has IP65 rating for water wash-down.

ICR Plus operates on either 24 VDC or 48 VDC and accepts signals from PLCs, sensors, network communication or an existing motion controller. It features extend/retract functionality similar to that of pneumatic cylinders; a flexible indexer programming environment; optional CANopen and DeviceNet communication to daisy chain up to 127 axes; stand-alone operation; stepper mode; and analogue position mode.

powder-filling packaging Machine by ICR actuator

Product Family: Electric Actuator

Product Used: Tolomatic ICR Smart Actuator

Product Type: Rod style, All in one, integrated


Consistent, precise lifting control enhanced powder-filling process and made switching from one container size to another fast, efficient and easy.

Located in a cabinet beneath an All Fill powder filling machine, the Tolomatic electric ICR SmartActuator lifts containers and then lowers them as they fill. The compact electric actuator facilitates quicker and more precise product changeovers compared to the pneumatic actuator it replaced.

ICR installed underneath the machine cabinet