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Ultrasonic food cutting using a food-grade white epoxy painted RSA electric actuator

Customer Challenge

A manufacturer of ultrasonic cutting equipment used in bakeries was looking for an electric solution to replace their current pneumatic process. Multiple sizes of bakery products needed to be cut with speed and in multiple positions. They were looking for a food-grade white epoxy paint actuator and required a fast delivery.

The Solution

A Tolomatic RSA actuator with a food-grade epoxy painted surface and stainless steel rod and fastener components was used.

ultrasonic food cutting by RSA actuators

Product Family: Electric Actuator

Product Used: Tolomatic RSA Actuator

Product Type:Rod Style, Customised, food-grade white epoxy painted


The actuator provided the necessary positioning requirements for the bakery goods. In addition to the RSA, a food-grade epoxy paint B3W belt drive actuator was used to meet speed requirements on the vertical knife axis. The result was fast, uniform and smooth cuts. Tolomatic's fast delivery kept production on schedule.