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SPS Series Switch-mode Power Supplies

SPS Power supplies

SPS Switch-mode Power Supplies: SPS150-24 / SPS250-36 / SPS400-65 / SPS600-48

Motion Control Products' SPS series industrial switch mode power supplies provide a compact enclosed power supply to suit our range of stepper and servo drive power needs. They are CE certified and come with a host our DC output options and a range of output currents available.


  • Enclosed configuration, terminal block protect cover
  • Inputs: 90-130VAC /170-260VAC (selected by switch)
  • Output voltage of 24VDC, 36VDC, 48VDC and 65VDC
  • High quality and reliability
  • Over-current & over-voltage protection
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • High Efficiency and with EMI Filter
  • With load stability +/-0.5 %
  • Low Ripple noise
  • High voltage insulation
  • Operation temperature up to 70°C
  • Meets EN61000 / EN60950 industrial levels & CE certification
  • 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for most Industrial applications
  • Other output voltage and current options available upon request

Supply Voltage: 90-130VAC or 170-260VAC (selected by switch)

Output Voltage
  • SPS150-24: 24V DC at 6.25A
  • SPS250-36: 36V DC at 7A
  • SPS400-65: 65V DC at 6A
  • SPS600-48: 48V DC at 12.5A

Output Rated Power
  • SPS150-24: 150W
  • SPS250-36: 250W
  • SPS400-65: 400W
  • SPS600-48: 600W

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